Where can businesses find a dependable, steady workforce that has no plans to move up and out? A workforce dedicated to the job at hand and that takes pride in its work? One that will cost them less to hire, train and maintain?
Mature Workers!

As Baby Boomers (those born between 1945 and 1964) prepare to retire, they are often looking for ways to make extra money to support their pensions, for travelling, or they may even be in search of a new challenge and focus.

With 60 being the new 40, there can still be many productive years in the work force ahead. As an employer, you can expect certain common strengths amongst Baby Boomers that can ultimately benefit your organization greatly. Some of these are:

• Decades of relevant experience
• Certain abilities that get better with age such as interpersonal skills, efficiency, loyalty, teamwork
• Age diverse workforces bring multi-layers of mentoring and efficiency
• Strong personal and professional networks
• Potentially more flexible time schedules
• Strong cognitive skills such as technical writing and human resource management
• Mentoring younger employees for free while bringing a variety of perspectives
• Mature workers tend to be good listeners who developed their interpersonal and communication skills long before social media, emails and messaging dominated the scene. Strong communication leads to strong teambuilding and leadership qualities
• An older candidate may be more appreciative and typically more satisfied with their jobs making them stay longer; in other words, not always looking for ‘greener pastures’.