With spring around the corner, it’s a good time to explore the multitude of seasonal employment opportunities in the West Kootenay. Here are some of the benefits of seasonal work:

(1) Foot in the door: gives you an opportunity to make an impression on your employer and potentially secure future employment
(2) Working outdoors: many seasonal jobs require you to work in the great outdoors
(3) Awesome co-workers: it’s not uncommon to find yourself working with like-minded individuals who are drawn to seasonal employment for similar reasons
(4) Networking: meeting new people may provide leads on other jobs and opportunities
(5) Transferable skills: many transferable skills gained in seasonal employment, such as customer service, can be applied in other types of work
(6) Travel: some seasonal positions may require you travel to other parts of the region to plant trees, pick fruit, or maintain trails
(7) Income: seasonal jobs can help fund your training or education

Here’s a list of just some of the many industries that hire seasonally in our area:

• Tourism: restaurants, hotels, ferries, museums, information centres, campground attendants
• Forest firefighting
• Garden centres, nurseries
• Landscaping
• Fruit picking
• Tree planting, brushing
• Traffic control
• Camp cooks
• Golf courses
• Roofing
• Parks and trails maintenance

Stop by your local WorkBC office to see what seasonal jobs are posted, for help with online job search, and to target your resume for seasonal work.