What was challenging in finding work?

Arrow faced a number of challenges in looking for sustainable, suitable work. He is a youth, lived in a rural location, had no access to personal transportation, and he experienced other barriers that could impact securing employment. He was nervous in interview situations, which made it difficult for him to present himself well to employers. He was unsure about how to conduct his job search, how to connect with employers, and needed help with creating a professional resume and cover letter. He aspired to a job that could become a long-term career, but his experience so far had been in entry-level, lower-paying positions.

How did accessing services help? (What types of services and supports did the Arrow receive?)

Through the Nelson Youth Employment Services, Arrow received one-on-one employment counselling over a period of 2 months and a number of relevant employment workshops customized to his unique and changing needs during the course of his job search (resume development, cover letters, interview skills, identifying and accessing transferable skills, dressed for employment success, and other preparing for job search topics). With his case manager, he accessed a number of other supports to aid with barriers to employment. Arrow had access to important and in demand training, allowing him to complete the FoodSafe, WHMIS and Serving it Right certifications, which enhanced his resume. Arrow was also referred to other community services.

When it was noted that Arrow required more intensive supports to find a suitable employer and a position that truly drew on his strengths and his greater potential in the labour market, he was referred to Job Development, and his case manager began advocating for him with local employers, which supported Arrow to connect with Bob Hellman at Hellman Canoe and Kayak, where he subsequently became employed as a Canoe Builder, a position that he plans to make his long-term career.

Financial Supports for Job Search was provided through KCDS in the form of bus tickets, which Arrow used to commute into town to complete his job search activities. As Arrow’s employment as a Canoe Builder required extensive (6 month) training to learn this trade and the client had no prior experience in this field, a wage subsidy was needed to support this additional training by the employer, with the intention that Arrow would be a valued long-term employee thereafter. A Referral to Wage Subsidy Program was made, and KCDS coordinated Mr. Hellman’s access to a wage subsidy so that Arrow could be hired.

Arrow’s employer reports that he is doing extremely well on the job. He’s dedicated, engaged, and aims to be a loyal employee for the long-term. Arrow completed his 6 months of training while on the wage subsidy, and is nearly finished his 24 week follow up currently.

What was the outcome of receiving supports?

Arrow is employed as a full-time Canoe Builder at Hellman Canoe and Kayak in 6 Mile, Nelson. Arrow has found an employer interested in investing in his training and skill-building so that he can become a valued employee for the long term. Arrow is responsible for building and repairing canoes, and his duties include operation of small tools, fiberglassing and assembling canoes, and wood and metal work. This position relies greatly on both Arrow’s ability to perform physical labour and his strength in detail-oriented work. Arrow is thrilled with his new job, with the training in a valuable trade, and with its potential to become a long-term career.