WorkBC’s Wage Subsidy Program (WS) provides financial reimbursement to employers who hire and train eligible job seekers.

Let us take the stress out of hiring! Wage Subsidy

The WorkBC Wage Subsidy program can often be the incentive an employer needs to hire someone who is a good ‘fit’ for their organization but requires on-site training to do the job. With the WS program, the new worker gains skills and experience as well as employment, and the employer gets financial support needed to train their new hire. The amount of wage subsidy depends on how much training is needed, but typically starts at 50% and tapers down to 15% of the new worker’s wage over 24 weeks.

Information for Employers
To be eligible for the Wage Subsidy Program, an employer must:

• Be a registered business with a legal business name and business number
• Have been in business for at least one year
• Be at Arm’s Length from the potential employee (family members are not eligible to participate)
• Offer Insurable Employment, as defined by the Employment Insurance Act (Canada);
• Offer a position where the job and work are primarily carried out in B.C
• Not be filling a position vacant because of layoffs (other than by filling it with the laid off person, unless that person refuses the position);
• Confirm that the client is not an existing employee of the Employer, or, that the client is an employee that had been laid off and is being recalled.
• Offer a full-time position with a minimum of 32 hours per week
• Offer the likelihood of long-term employment
• Pay reasonable, competitive wages that are reflective of the prevailing wage rate for the position; not based on 100 percent commission or piece work

Ineligible Employers include:

• Government of B.C., the Government of Canada or from the public sector including municipalities, schools or colleges
• Not currently receiving the CEWS or any other wage subsidy funding for the same employee during the same period

Expectations when participating in a WorkBC Wage Subsidy Placement:

• You should be committed to training the employee for the position
• The duration and rate of the wage will be directly related to the amount of training required for the employee to obtain the skills necessary to be successful in the position
• You will issue regular pay cheques on paydays; WorkBC will reimburse the negotiated amount monthly
• You will be required to commit to one on-site monitor and two phone or email monitors with the Wage Subsidy Coordinator during the wage subsidy period

For a client to be eligible to access Wage Subsidy through WorkBC, they need to be unemployed

For employers interested in accessing the WorkBC Wage Subsidy Program contact Lisa McGeady, Regional Wage Subsidy Coordinator, to obtain an application form (