Danielle, from the Slocan Valley, was a stay-at-home mom whose husband was away working. Though she had worked in the past, prior to becoming a parent, she needed something that would allow her to care for her family, not be too physically demanding, and work with her rural situation.


Why the Skills Training Program?

  • She had been to KCDS for solutions to assist with finding work. She was curious about training programs
  • The skills training was a perfect fit for her and her needs—she knew she needed to upgrade her skills to get work


  • With financial support from the program for her tuition and dependent care, Danielle enrolled in CanScribe Career College to learn medical transcription.
  • She has since begun working as a medical transcriber—just what she wanted.


Program Feedback from Danielle:

  • Every day she feels good to be working and contributing to someone’s health
  • “Thank you Ursa, along with the rest of the staff, for making my dreams a reality.”