Mandala Custom Homes and the Wage Subsidy Program

The Business: Mandala Custom Homes is a Nelson-based design and build company focusing on open, round structures. They ship throughout North America and around the world. Starting in 2000, the company now employs 12 people   Why the Wage Subsidy Program? Provides the opportunity to hire a person—and ensure they are a good fit Helps…

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Danielle & Skills Enhancement Training

Danielle, from the Slocan Valley, was a stay-at-home mom whose husband was away working. Though she had worked in the past, prior to becoming a parent, she needed something that would allow her to care for her family, not be too physically demanding, and work with her rural situation.   Why the Skills Training Program?…

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Monica & Skills Enhancement Training

Monica, from Nelson, had been a mechanic for 22 years when, at age 39, she became ill and could no longer continue working as a mechanic. She was desperate and didn’t know where to turn for help.   Why Skills Training? It became clear after living on savings for two years that she had to…

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