BUILDING FUTURES: Kootenay Career Developemant Society



We help job seekers by providing programs and general support in finding work that suits them.


Skills Training, Certification, Job Placement, Career Counseling + More



 We work with employers to find support programs and employees to help their organizations.


Wage Subsidy, Job Placement, Free Job Postings + More



Here’s what KCDS program participants have to say:

  • “Without the JCP program we couldn’t have done many of the labour intensive and innovative pieces that have made this project such a success. The benefit to the community and to the region is tremendous. This facility is extremely welcoming and our visitor numbers increased 43% in the first year since we opened. The building really is a cornerstone to the Railtown visioning for the next 25 years. It has transformed into a community showcase. The participants who worked on this project have done amazing work that they can be proud of.”

    JCP program in action
    Tom Thompson, Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce
  • “The JCP program played an integral in role in this successful project. Program financial support for a project manager and participants supported the project moving forward utilizing labour intensive and innovative processes. Participants worked on everything from demolition to construction and finishing. Many participants went on to obtain apprenticeships.”

    NDCC Railway Building
    Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce
  • “I don’t know why more people aren’t utilizing [the wage subsidy program]. It’s not administratively heavy. It helps with the learning curve. Bob was helpful and there’s not much paperwork. It’s a great program.”

    Shersty Motor Company
  • “Simple. The process was very easy, efficient and easy to administer once approved. The financial assistance provided by the program made it affordable to train employees to a standard that they need to be trained. Simplest reporting I’ve ever seen.”

    Krueckl Financial Services Inc
  • “We’ve had tremendous success with the Wage Subsidy program. It has helped our small business to invest in recruitment activities that would not otherwise be possible. Mandala really believes in hiring and purchasing local. We invested $1.4 million in the local community last year. We know we could buy online, etc – but make choice to stay local, buy local and hire local. The wage subsidy program helps us to stick to this value – and hire local!”

    Mandala Homes Team
    Mandala Homes
  • “If I am ever in need of a reliable employee who wants to work, I will definitely come back to the [wage subsidy] program. It is definitely not as complicated as one might think. It’s a great program for both employers and people wanting to work. I can’t think of why a company wouldn’t use it for the cost savings it allows to hire and train a new employee.”

    Cantrill Distributing Inc.