We love being part of our clients’ successes – and to share their stories:

James had found potential employment as a Traffic Control Person, but required flagging training and certification to secure the position. He came into our WorkBC Employment Services Centre to inquire what funding options might be available for him. WorkBC’s Employment Specialist, Rae, was able to point him in the right direction as well as support in him in completing all the necessary paperwork and research.

“I came to KCDS for help getting funding for my training to become a TCP (Traffic Control Person, or “flagger” as we’re commonly known as).

I didn’t know if they could help me at the time, just hoped. They went above and beyond. Not only did they get me in touch with the right people, they let me complete everything I needed within their facility.

With their help I was able to complete my training and paperwork and was able to start working as a TCP for Safe Start Safety.

I love my new job, even if it can get stressful and hectic at times; we do what we do to keep the construction crew safe and you as well)

I could never have gotten where I am without the help of Rae at KCDS and Karen from College of the Rockies.

I thank everyone involved for getting me from where I was to where I am now. From day one everyone was so friendly and willing to do anything to make it possible.

I hope anyone else can feel the change in life that this organization provides and can not put in words the gratitude I feel for the people responsible for making a change in mine.”

-James A.