Cheri, an Employment Specialist who works in our Castlegar Employment Resource Centre, shared her experience working with KCDS and the community.


What is it that you like best about working in Self-Serve?

“Human connection. It’s so lovely to have people who use our services come in and be trusting and open about their situation, and then to be able to connect the dots for them. Not only to our services but to other community services as well”.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give someone looking for work?

“Come here! I was in the same position myself (Cheri was a WorkBC client before being hired) and I came here and the services I was extended were amazing. I was so amazed by the warmth of the reception given when you walk in the door, the extent of the services. I had no idea of the breadth of what was available here!”

Can you tell me about some of those services?

“Well, of course the first thing people think of is resumes and cover letters.  Lots of help here to build a really strong, stand-out resume and cover letter.  But there’s so much more!”

“We  help with online applications, connecting clients to funding and to other Service Providers in our area, setting clients up on computers to take training and exams, providing a room for interviews, arranging Job Starts (equipment and clothing required to start a new job)…and honestly, so much more.”

What is some feedback you get from clients who have come in to our Self-Serve area?

“Everything ranging from tears of gratitude to bubbly-smiley-happy! You can see the weight lift off their shoulders. Often, I see the shock of how much we are able to extend to them, people don’t realize how much help is here for them. It’s really cool to see that brightness in their eyes when they see that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

I can see you’re getting emotional! Why is that?

“It’s such a privilege to come here everyday and see people getting their needs met. People that might feel a certain stigma… and everyone is treated the same and cared for. We do so many things for so many different people, lots of people say they haven’t had this kind of support in their lives, the feeling of someone so strongly on their side. And yes, that makes me emotional”.