Define the Black Sheep Restaurant Group in one word: “AWESOME comes to mind right away… But different too”. – Brad Filleul, owner


The Black Sheep Restaurant Group is comprised of two popular Nelson restaurants, Cantina Del Central and Yum Son Viet-Modern Cuisine. Owner, Brad Filleul moved to Nelson in 2003 when he spent his working hours in local kitchens as a chef, in addition to cooking for West Cana Bike Tours. When not working he travelled and spent his days soaking up the sun in Mexico where he opened his first (beachfront) pizza, beer, and chocolate brownie restaurant, called Puerto Pizza.

In opening both Cantina in 2013 and later his second restaurant, Yum Son in the fall of 2016, Brad’s mission statement remained consistent, “to make the world taste better”. Although training processes differ between both restaurants the recruitment process remains the same.  Using the Top Grade, A-Player process the Black Sheep Restaurant Group sets criteria for each different job position on a source card, when applicants are interviewed these criteria are considered and matched not only based on skill, but more importantly personality and team fit.  The Black Sheep Restaurant Group is more then happy to train and develop the skills of a new hire when the individual shares the same values and mission statement with the rest of the team.

When applying for work Brad advises to never stop trying. If at first you drop off a resume and receive no response, rework the resume and apply again. Persistence is pertinent in landing the job you want in the company you want to work with. It is important to Brad and his management team that, when applying, a resume always specify the duration of previous work experience. If you have a professional photo of yourself on your resume Brad says that’s also a bonus. Additionally, be sure when you drop a resume off you don’t just leave with any of the staff, speak with one of the management team and if you can, give it directly to Brad, he says he is a softy when it comes to giving people chances.

The back of house (kitchen opportunities) allows new staff to try out all different roles.  From dish washing to sous chef and everywhere in between, if a person is willing to work hard, learn and excel in each role, the possibilities are endless.  Not only is there room to grow when working with The Black Sheep Restaurant Group, but it is known that staff will always be supported by both Brad and the management team, in Brad’s own words “we will always have your back”.

Employees can expect to be taken care of in a professional manner, to work in a dynamic and fun environment, and to feel like part of the family… a fun and different family which stands out from the rest, some may say, like a Black Sheep.