KCDS Statement of Solidarity

In alignment with our vision, mission and values, KCDS stands against racism and other forms of systemic violence against Black, Indigenous and racialized lives.

We are inspired by actions calling for justice and equity.

We are dedicated to working together with partner organisations, citizen groups and government agencies in the dismantling of institutionalized inequality and committed to working together towards a truly diverse and inclusive society. 

We are grateful for the wealth of opportunity to learn, grow and do the work of ensuring the social and economic justice prevails for Black, Indigenous and other racialized people.

We are called to action within our organisation and in the communities we serve. No actions are too small and together no goal is too big.

We commit to:

  • Continuing to advocate against systemic inequality and violence
  • Exploring, learning from, highlighting and amplifying anti-racist and indigenized approaches to employment, human resources and service delivery
  • Being educated on and using systems and procedures that actively promote and encourage diversity and inclusion in our governance, workplace, service centres and virtual service environments
  • Learning from and partnering with local organisations in our communities that enhance our ability to serve Black, Indigenous and other racialized people.
  • Ongoing reporting on our commitments, including information regarding specific initiatives and progress markers.
  • Remaining flexible in our approach, in order to incorporate new wisdom, information and opportunities as they arise

We continue to stand in solidarity with those facing injustice and we pledge to continue to do our work with compassion, acceptance, dignity and respect.