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LMI Report Jan 30 – Feb 3, 2016


Labour Market Information encompasses material about occupations, wage rates, unemployment rates, employment outlooks and trends, education and training, and economic trends and conditions, as well as developments impacting these elements. For this compilation, articles are sourced from a wide variety of online publications. To capture the essence of the articles, edited excerpts are provided below (along with web links to the full articles – to be accessed at the option of the reader). A selection of specific reference links is included in the last section. Regular perusal of this report is likely to foster a good sense of local and broader labour market conditions and, also, any one article may at times prove to be a ‘gem’, something of particular relevance or value to a given reader. Find this report and past issues online at: http://www.kcds.ca/index.php/labour-market-updates/category/1-labour-market-updates .


To provide a snapshot of the local labour market we include this graphical look at employment postings, in five categories, from our job board for the Nelson area. Each week a new set of data is compiled and added and the past week’s data moved back, providing a five week visual perspective on job availability. [Note: This tool is an indicator but not an exact measure of all job postings and/or opportunities for the area. Readers are free to draw their own conclusions from the information provided and are also encouraged to develop networking contacts as part of their job search, instead of relying on job postings alone. KCDS assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information, or its interpretation, as presented in this LMI Report.]


Career BUZZ: Top Jobs in the Kootenays – February 3 issue

Kootenay Business February 3, 2017


Kootenay Business has selected 10 career opportunities from leading companies throughout the region to feature as our Top Jobs of the week … [see article]



Castlegar Source January 30, 2017


Local employers are teaming up with Selkirk College for the Career and Education Fair. The aim is to connect with people eager to find employment, students wanting to chart a course for future education and employment counsellors seeking up-to-date career information.

  • … “Selkirk College is committed to providing pathways to meaningful employment and sometimes that means bringing the employer straight to the students and job seekers,” … “Our employer exhibitors find the Career Fair a valuable venue to recruit to their organization or business.”
  • This year’s event takes place on March 7 from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. at Selkirk College’s Castlegar Campus and there is still time to sign up to participate as an exhibitor. This year’s list of employers is varied and includes Academy of Classic Oriental Science, BC Timber Sales, Tea Garden Wellness and Kokanee Mountain Zipline just to name a few …




New rules increase transparency and protections for franchisees

BC Gov News February 1


The new Franchises Act and regulation taking effect today ensure prospective business owners in British Columbia will have more information available to help them decide whether to open a franchised business.

  • The act increases transparency for new franchisees by requiring franchisors to disclose important information about the company’s legal, financial and bankruptcy history. The act also provides new legal protections for B.C.-based franchisees including: [see article]
  • The act outlines remedies in the event a potential franchisee is misled about potential profits through the disclosure documents by providing a time frame which a franchisee may rescind a franchise agreement, without penalty or obligation.
    • The legislation provides certainty for businesses which will help new franchises open in B.C., generating investment and employment opportunities and providing direct and indirect economic benefits to communities …


FACTSHEET: British Columbia’s beer industry

BC Gov News January 30, 2017


[Here is a summary of key information on BC’s beer industry]

  • Over the past five years, craft beer sales in B.C. have almost tripled. The B.C. craft beer industry has grown from 54 breweries in 2010 to 125 in January 2017, with up to 20 new breweries pending.
  • In 2013, craft brewers in B.C. produced 654,000 hectolitres (hl), compared to almost 942,000 in 2015 – a 44% increase in three years. The majority of B.C. breweries are smaller-scale producers – and make up approximately 80% of the breweries in B.C.
  • According to the industry association, the craft beer sector employs an estimated 2,500 people in B.C., with an additional 1,500 working in brewpubs …


FACTSHEET: British Columbia’s wine industry

BC Gov News January 30, 2017


[Here is a summary of key information on BC’s wine industry]

  • Since 2001, the number of wineries in B.C. has grown from around 70 to 338 as of January 2017.
  • Commercial wineries in B.C. have grown from eight in 2001 to 40 as of January 2017.
  • Land-based wineries in B.C. have grown from 59 in 2001 to more than 294 as of January 2017 …
  • … More than 10,000 people in every region of the province have jobs as a result of this industry.




Increased BC Parks funding to provide more rangers, strengthen conservation

BC Gov News February 2, 2017


The Province will increase and strengthen conservation in its world-renowned parks with a new investment of $35 million over the next three years.

  • The funding will result in approximately 25 more full-time park rangers, new programs to promote and protect the natural environment, as well as an initial endowment for a new BC Parks Foundation …



Town of Hardisty where Keystone XL to begin already seeing uptick after pipeline’s revival

Edmonton Journal January 29, 2017


Hardisty real estate agent Connie Beringer says business interest in the town is growing just days after U.S. President Donald Trump revived the possibility of constructing the Keystone XL pipeline.

  • The area around the municipality 200 kilometres southeast of Edmonton will house storage tanks and other structures needed for the northern end of TransCanada Corp.’s 1,900-kilometre pipeline …
  • Although there could be years of negotiations and challenges before dirt starts to move on the $8-billion project, Beringer says she has already handled dozens of calls from people inquiring about buying homes as investments …


Alberta Eyes New Market Sectors in China

Asia Pacific Foundation January 30, 2017


Alberta Trade Minister Deron Bilous says his province’s trade relationship with China is evolving in a way that aligns with Premier Rachel Notley’s goal of moving Alberta’s economy away from its dependence on a struggling oil and gas sector, according to a report Sunday in the Globe and Mail.

  • Bilous is reportedly planning two trips to China this year to cement growing trade ties, and says a booming middle class in China wants the high-quality food and travel experiences that Alberta wants to sell.



Canada’s GDP expanded by 0.4% in November

CBC News January 31, 2017


The output of Canada’s economy grew by 0.4% in November, led by mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and construction.

  • … the monthly expansion was a reversal of October’s data, when the economy contracted by about 0.3%.
    • Industries that produce goods led the way with a 0.9% expansion. The service sector was a relative laggard, however, expanding by just 0.2% …


Protectionist Trump policies could cut Canadian GDP growth 1.5%

The Canadian Press January 30, 2017


A new bank report says the protectionist policies of Donald Trump’s U.S. administration could chop the rate of growth for Canada’s gross domestic product by as much as 1.5%age points.

  • The analysis … says Trump’s arrival could be good for Canada’s energy sector because of plans to revive the Keystone XL pipeline. But any benefits there will likely be offset by big losses in exports, says the report, because of possible changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement and proposed new border taxes threatened by the new U.S. government.
  • If the U.S. imposes a 10% border adjustment tax on imports, it would result a 9% drop in Canadian exports, causing a 1.5%age point decline in GDP growth, the report adds …

Conference Board of Canada Report Identifies Canada’s Best Prospects for Trade with China

Asia Pacific Foundation February 1, 2017


Canada’s best prospects for trade with China include mineral and agricultural products; services in the technical, financial, recreational and entertainment industries; and, food manufacturing, according to new Conference Board of Canada research for the Global Commerce Centre, released today.

  • The comprehensive report identifies trends in China and opportunities for Canadian firms in the bilateral trade relationship. Join the Conference Board of Canada on March 13, 2017 at 02:00 PM EDT for alive webinar on this topic.



U.S. economy sees better-than-expected January job gains

Average hourly wage gains remained relatively flat

CBC News February 03, 2017


Strong hiring in the construction and retail sectors helped U.S. employers add a better-than-expected 227,000 jobs in January, a sign that new President Donald Trump took over a strong labour market.

  • … economists had been expecting job growth of 175,000 for the month. At the same time, more people were looking for work, as the overall unemployment rose slightly to 4.8% from 4.7% in December … the percentage of U.S. adults employed or looking for work hit its highest level since September.
  • However, there were some negative parts in the report: the U.S. Labour Department said average hourly wages grew by only 0.1% last month, and that the number of people working in part-time jobs who wanted full-time work went up …


Union Density Drops to 10.7 % As Millions Of U.S. Workers Are Prevented From Organizing

LaborPress January 31, 2017


After decades of political attacks against labor unions the%age of U.S. workers in unions in 2016 dropped to 10.7% of the workforce.

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that all told 3 million American workers are covered by union collective bargaining contracts.
  • And yet in polls going back decades Gallup consistently finds strong public approval for unions. The AFL-CIO says “There are millions of working people who want and need a union but who are being prevented from forming one by their employer. And instead of penalizing bad actors, our outdated labor laws have made union avoidance nothing more than the cost of doing business.”
    • Union members continue to make about $200 more per week on average than non-union workers …



US Department of Labor February 1, 2017


Unemployment rates were lower in December than a year earlier in 236 of the 387 metropolitan areas, higher in 111 areas, and unchanged in 40 areas, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

  • Twenty-seven areas had jobless rates of less than 3.0% and five areas had rates of at least 10.0%. Nonfarm payroll employment increased over the year in 292 metropolitan areas, decreased in 87 areas, and was unchanged in 8 areas.
  • The national unemployment rate in December was 4.5%, not seasonally adjusted, down from 4.8% a year earlier.

Wyoming Legislature Slashes Minimum-Wage Increase

LaborPress February 2, 2017


The Wyoming House Labor Committee blocked a proposal to raise the state minimum wage to $9.50 an hour Jan. 27, amending the bill so it would set the state minimum to match the federal minimum of $7.25.

  • That would mean the increase would apply only to the small number of workers not covered by the federal minimum, who now get $5.15 an hour—the lowest among the 45 states that have minimum wages …


US Department of Labour January 31, 2007


Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 0.5%, seasonally adjusted, for the 3-month  period ending in December 2016, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

  • Wages and salaries (which make up about 70% of compensation costs) increased 0.5%, and benefits (which make up the remaining 30% of compensation) increased 0.4% …



Outraged Mexicans to Donald Trump: Go ahead and tear up NAFTA, we’re sick of it too

Bloomberg News January 31, 2017


The Zocalo, a vast square in the heart of Mexico City, has been a gathering place since the days of the Spanish conquistadors. Walk through it today and you’ll encounter, as expected, intense hatred of Donald Trump.

  • … Mexicans are just as furious at their own government for letting the U.S. president push their country around. … many proclaim to be fed up with NAFTA. Trump’s pledge to rewrite the trade pact doesn’t go far enough for them. It should be scrapped entirely.
  • The U.S. is not the only country in this world — why are we clinging to them like an umbilical cord?
  • “We will be better off,” said Eduardo Avila … to show off the lapel pin and ribbon he’d just bought, both emblazoned with a suddenly popular slogan: “United For Mexico. Buy Mexican Goods.” …


EU, Mexico to fast track trade talks amid Trump fallout

As new U.S. president continues to send shockwaves through world markets, Mexico is speeding up negotiations with other major trade partners

The Associated Press February 1, 2017


The European Union … will speed up talks with Mexico on a new trade agreement amid signals from U.S. President Donald Trump that he intends to renegotiate major international trade pacts including one with Mexico.

  • EU and Mexico trade chiefs have agreed to hold negotiations on April 3-7 and June 26-29. They will also meet between rounds to push for further progress.
  • EU Trade Commissioner … and Mexican Economy Minister … said in a statement that “we are witnessing the worrying rise of protectionism around the world. Side by side, as like-minded partners, we must now stand up for the idea of global, open co-operation.” …



Weekly Market Update (Jan 30 – Feb 3, 2016)

EdwardJones February 3, 2016


Canadian stocks were lower, but U.S. stock indexes were mostly unchanged on the week, but it took almost a 1% rally on Friday to get there.

  • A strong U.S. jobs report and an executive order signed by President Trump that aimed to roll back financial industry regulation pushed stocks higher to end the week.
    • Make sure you own a variety of asset classes to prepare for higher market volatility like experienced this week …


B.C. mining sector finally above ground again

Annual mineral exploration conference notably upbeat for first time in years

Business in Vancouver January 31, 2017


One year ago, the share price for B.C.’s largest mining company, Teck Resources Ltd. (TSX:TECK.B), had fallen below $4, and some analysts were predicting it would follow more than a dozen American coal-mining companies into bankruptcy.

  • One analyst predicted the company’s stock would drop to $1 per share. One year later, the company’s stock has moved back above $30, and Teck CEO … stood in front of his industry peers last week and cheerily dished out some crow for those analysts at the Association for Mineral Exploration BC’s (AME BC) Roundup 2017 conference.
  • “We had analysts and prognosticators telling us that we would never recover and that the industry was doomed,” Lindsay said. “Next time you see that, buy Teck.”
    • For the first time in four years, there was a sense of optimism at the annual conference that the mining and exploration sectors have survived one of the worst downturns ever and have good prospects ahead.


Record year for agriculture sales and profits

Kootenay Advertiser February 3, 2017


Agriculture minister Norm Letnick says the agriculture industry in B.C. Is going great and he has the figures to prove it.

  • “We have a great story,” said Letnick. The agriculture industry, he added, he generated $13 billion in sales, $440 million in profit. “That’s the highest agrifood receipts we have ever had in this province,” said Letnick, adding that the profit level also set a record.
  • … “Almost 63,000 people are now employed directly in agriculture, compared to about 56,000 the year before,” said Letnick, noting the increase was happening province-wide, not just the Lower Mainland.
  • “It’s not just lifestyle anymore, it’s a profitable endeavor,” said Letnick. There are storm clouds on the horizon, though, in the form of growing protectionism in the U.S. …


B.C. retail sales stumble in November

Business in Vancouver January 31, 2017


B.C. retail retraced part of its previous month’s surge in November as sales declined for the first time in six months.

  • Despite the dip, consumer spending remained robust as total sales reached $6.37 billion. That was down 0.7% from October but 5.5% ahead of a year ago. Sales growth accelerated from October in the home furniture/furnishing segment and in electronics and appliances. In contrast, sporting goods and gasoline sales declined.
  • Strong gains in B.C. employment, tourism and elevated housing activity have underpinned year-to-date gains of 6.4%. Key contributors included an 8.5% increase in motor-vehicle-related sales, a 14% gain in building materials and supplies and a 12% increase in health-product-related stores.
    • Regional spending patterns have been stronger in the Vancouver census metropolitan area (VCMA). Growth was 7.7%, compared with 5.2% elsewhere in B.C. Housing-related sales growth in the VCMA was particularly strong …


Book sales continued to migrate online in 2016, but paperback purchases beat e-books

Financial Post January 30, 2017


Almost half of the books purchased in Canada last year were bought online, according to data from BookNet Canada, as e-commerce continues to chip away at bricks and mortar retailing.

  • The industry nonprofit group reported Monday that 48% of some $983.7 million in annual print book purchases in 2016 were made through digital channels, up 1.8% from 2015, while 52% were made in physical stores.
    • The reporting retailers represent 85% of the print trade market in Canada and include chain bookstores, independent retailers, discount stores, and general merchandise retailers, BookNet said …



Searching for a sustainable career?

BC Business January 30, 2017


To counterbalance rapid worldwide economic growth, there is urgent demand for highly trained sustainability professionals who can turn environmental implications into economic analysis

  • Over the past decade, the job market in Canada’s burgeoning sustainability sector has experienced unprecedented growth. According toEnvironmental Careers Organization Canada, there are more than 50,000 sustainability professionals working in the country, with a projected growth of 4,200 additional jobs in the next three to five years—and that doesn’t even take into account the increase in international career opportunities.
  • Sustainability is a broad discipline in which those who study it garner a clearer understanding of nearly all aspects of the world around us linked to the environment—from business and technology to the social sciences …
  • One of the biggest reasons why sustainability offers enormous career potential is because resources and energy are becoming scarcer and more expensive. There is an urgent need to reduce carbon emissions while developing new innovative technologies; therefore, the demand for capable individuals is becoming increasingly important in this emerging field …


Aging Canadian workforce means changes to occupational health and safety programs

Journal of Commerce January 24, 2017


A workers’ compensation researcher and consultant in British Columbia says an aging Canadian workforce will place increasing demands on workplace health and safety programs.

  • “More workers are working well past 65 years of age,” said … “As a result, there will be more risks of workplace injury arising not from the workplace, but from the workers themselves.”
  • Some of the symptoms of having older workers on the payroll are increased exposure to changing risks and other health problems that can complicate or prolong recovery from an injury.
  • “Because of changing health conditions, such as deteriorating eyesight and hearing and reduced muscle mass, older workers have more health risks than younger workers,” said … “And such conditions as diabetes, arthritis and hypertension become more common as a person ages.” …


‘The magnitude of damage would be enormous’: A glimpse of global trade carnage from a U.S. border tax

Financial Post  02/03/2017


Whether or not a border tax proposed by Republican congressional leaders helps U.S. President Donald Trump pay for his Mexico border wall, it would have a radical impact on global trade patterns.

  • Deutsche Bank AG economists … have calculated the amount of trade with the U.S. that countries stand to lose if they face a 20% penalty at the border. Mexico is the obvious biggest loser, but Canada and Asian manufacturing economies including Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand would also be in line for a big hit.
  • “The magnitudes of the damage would be enormous, in our view,” … “We still consider border tax adjustment one of the key bullish risks for the dollar over the next year.” …


What full employment really means

Why some economists worry when unemployment gets too low

The Economist January 29, 2017


In 1977 America’s government gave the Federal Reserve what seems like a straightforward goal: maximum employment. Janet Yellen, the current chairman of the Fed, thinks America is pretty close; at 4.7%, the unemployment rate is quite low by historical standards.

  • But firms continue to hire, and American adults, of whom only about 69% have a job, seem less than maximally employed. Most governments set themselves or their central banks a guideline of full or maximum employment. But what exactly counts as full? …



Labour and Employment Data


Find statistics and analysis on the labour force, employment issues (such as hours worked, number of employees and payrolls) and income. Learn more about the various surveys conducted by Statistics Canada and access the data …



B.C. 2025 Labour Market Outlook


Labour market information can help job seekers make comparisons when looking for a job or moving to a new place. It can also help business owners identify new markets for their service or product, or to decide where to expand if theirs is a business that requires a high number of workers or workers with a particular skill set. [Replaces 2022 Outlook.]




B.C.’s health sector employed 227,000 workers in 2015, one of the largest sectors in terms of the number of workers. The sector is also one of the fastest-growing industries, with employment growing at an average rate of 3.2% each year in the past decade …


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Nelson, BC – Community Profile Fall 2015


Contains a host of area related data including information on Labour Force Activity 2014, Labour Force by Occupation 2011, Labour Force by Industry 2014, Employment by Industry 2014, Median Hourly Wage by Industry 2014, Median Commute Duration 2011, Place of Work Status 2011.



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2016 Best Workplaces in Canada

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FACTSHEET: LNG project proposals in British Columbia

These are the export projects in various stages of development as of Aug. 11, 2016:



Engineering Labour Market in Canada: Projections to 2025


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