NDCC Railway Building


The Project: The Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization. They had the vision to restore an old, dilapidated CPR railway building into a thriving area Visitor Centre and commercial space.

Why the Job Creation Partnership?
• Opportunity to revitalize an area of Nelson, while supporting the region’s economic development
• A lot of work to be done and participants would gain many skills working on a project that was highly visible and beneficial to the community.
• The partnership was a perfect fit

• The building has been renovated (and retrofitted) to its original splendor and now houses an active NDCC Visitor Centre as well as several other commercial spaces.
• This part of town has been revitalized and the workers who helped make it happen have learned and carried on successfully in the trades.

Program Feedback from NDCC:
• Without the JCP, many of the labour intensive and innovative pieces which made this project a success would not have been possible.
• The program helped transform this building into a community showcase.
• The benefits to the community and to the region are tremendous.
• This facility is extremely welcoming and visitor numbers increased 43% in the first year since opening.
• The participants who worked on this project have done amazing work that they can be proud of.