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LMI Report May 1 – 5, 2017

Labour Market Information encompasses material about occupations, wage rates, unemployment rates, employment outlooks and trends, education and training, and economic trends and conditions, as well as developments impacting these elements. For this compilation, articles are sourced from a wide variety of online publications. To capture the essence of the articles, edited excerpts are provided below (along with web links to the full articles – to be accessed at the option of the reader). A selection of specific reference links is included in the last section. Regular perusal of this report is likely to foster a good sense of local and broader labour market conditions and, also, any one article may at times prove to be a ‘gem’, something of particular relevance or value to a given reader. Find this report and past issues online at: https://kcds.ca/employer



 Cannabis: Nelson council grants five licences, refuses two

One of the unsuccessful applicants was the Nelson Cannabis Compassion Club

Nelson council voted to award business licenses to five pot dispensaries on Monday.

All six of the dispensaries currently operating submitted applications as well as a new business, Medical Mary Jane, which plans to move into Nelson Commons.



Castlegar mayor worried by U.S. softwood lumber announcement

Castlegar’s mayor is worried that proposed duties on softwood lumber exported to the U.S. will negatively impact the local economy.

“Without a doubt in my mind, I’m worried,” Mayor Lawrence Chernoff told the CBC Wednesday. “The forest industry plays such a big role in the community



Junior Dragons take to the stage in Nelson

Students from all over the West Kootenay- Boundary took the stage to compete in the Junior Dragons Den regional championship held at the Selkirk College, Shambhala Music and Performance theatre April 20th, in Nelson!



Kootenay region makes electric cars a priority

B.C.’s regional electric powerhouse is trying to make it easier for people to switch to electric vehicles



Kaslo chamber president, John Addison, anticipates a year of growth and change for the business community

“We’ve always struggled to be sustainable, and have managed to get grants to help us out,” said Addison. “This year, with funds received from Columbia Basin Trust, we’ve hired Susan Dembeck, a consultant who works all over B.C., to look into the possibility of getting us onto the list of communities who receive the Municipal & Regional District Tax .




B.C. eagerly anticipating federal pot law; NDP, Greens prepare policy

B.C. looks to score big from legal marijuana.  After decades as a marijuana renegade, British Columbia is eagerly anticipating the federal government’s bill legalizing marijuana.


B.C. mills brace for retroactive U.S.-lumber tariff hit


Dakeryn Industries president Rob Chimko is bracing for the prospect of writing a cheque to U.S. authorities for wood he’s already sold south of the border that would wipe out a huge part of his firm’s profits, thanks to the Canada-U.S. softwood lumber dispute



Douglas Todd: ‘Techno-immigrants’ fuel Vancouver’s high-tech sector

“Major corporations rely on international students, temporary foreign workers and immigrants to feed Metro Vancouver’s growing high-tech sector, says a study. In an article titled “Chinese techno-immigrants in Western Canada,” two sociologists describe how U.S. corporations, including Microsoft, have opened high-tech arms in Metro Vancouver to capitalize on Canada’s less-restrictive approach to migration.”



Insect nutrition niche pays dividends for B.C. startup

Vancouver’s Coast Protein finds growing market for nutritional bars made from crickets

Not enough room for free range chickens? Start a cricket ranch. Just ask Chris Baird, co-founder of a startup called Coast Protein. Since the small, four-person business began selling protein bars made from cricket meal in October, sales have doubled each month, Baird said.




Suncor Energy reports net earnings of $1.35 billion on higher prices, production

Suncor Energy is reporting net earnings of $1.35 billion or 81 cents per share in the first quarter of 2017, compared with $257 million or 17 cents a year earlier, thanks to higher commodity prices and oilsands production.

The company reports operating earnings of $812 million or 49 cents per common share, beating the 31 cents estimated by a consensus of analysts polled by Thomson Reuters.




Torstar Corp cuts 110 jobs, reports $24.4 million loss on declining newspaper and digital revenues                                            

Torstar Corp. lost $24.4 million, or 30 cents per share, in the first quarter of 2017 and announced that it has cut 110 jobs, as the company’s core traditional revenue streams continued to plummet in line with broad media industry trends.



B.C. leader could drag Canada into unwanted battle with U.S. on softwood: expert

BURNABY, B.C. — A vow by British Columbia’s Liberal leader to fight American tariffs on softwood lumber may force the federal government to wage an unwanted battle with the United States, an international trade expert says.



These Parts Of Canada Will Take The Biggest Hit From Trump’s Lumber Tariff

Both Canada’s natural resources minister, Jim Carr, and Canada’s largest private-sector union, Unifor, are warning of possible job losses from the tariffs on softwood lumber that U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration announced this week.



 Census shows Canada’s ‘demographic dividend’ is coming to an end

A “demographic dividend” is owning a growing labour force while other country’s shrink, and Statistics Canada says we have just a few years to enact policies that will stop the coming crush of retirements from triggering an economic slowdown.



Saskatchewan’s first new potash mine in 40 years to begin production in June

German fertilizer company K+S AG said it expects the mine near Bethune, Sask., will hit its targeted production capacity of two million tonnes by the end of 2017




 House Passes $1.1T Government Spending Bill, Sends to Senate

 WASHINGTON (AP) — The House easily passed a $1.1 trillion governmentwide spending bill on Wednesday, awarding wins to both Democrats and Republicans while putting off until later this year fights over President Donald Trump’s promised border wall with Mexico and massive military buildup.



Finnish tire company Nokian building US$360M plant in Tennessee

State officials say the plant represents the largest investment in the history of southeastern Tennessee’s Rhea County

Finnish tire company Nokian building US$360M plant in Tennessee



Canadian support for free trade with China jumps

New poll finds Canadians turning to Asia in face of U.S., European protectionism

The U.S. presidential election and the U.K.’s looming Brexit from the European Union are shifting Canadian attitudes toward a trade agreement with the world’s second largest economy.

According to the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada’s 2017 National Opinion Poll, more than half of Canadians now support a Canada-China free trade agreement, and 62% believe a formalized agreement with China is important given rising protectionist policies around the globe.



EDC Report: Despite growing protectionism, global trade is on the rise

Export Development Canada is projecting world trade growth to rise from 3.5 per cent this year to 3.8 in 2018; an upswing in momentum as growth has hovered around 3.5 per cent during the last five years.


Brexit turns nasty as EU and Britain trade barbs

EU officials accused the U.K. of failing to grasp the complexity of the task ahead, and claimed its politicians were misleading voters on what a post-Brexit Britain will look like. LONDON—In public, Britain and the European Union say they want an amicable divorce. Behind the scenes, things are getting nasty.

Prime Minister Theresa May acknowledged that Brexit “will not be easy,” after EU officials accused the U.K. of failing to grasp the complexity of the task ahead.




B.C. Election 2017 Poll Tracker: Race tightens during final week of campaign

 British Columbians will choose their next government in the May 9 provincial election. Check back with our poll tracker to see which party, according to pollsters, is winning the war of public opinion.



How did Canada suddenly become Public Enemy No. 1 in Donald Trump’s trade war?

WASHINGTON — Fresh off slapping a duty on Canadian lumber, President Donald Trump is now making threats about dairy as the northern neighbour has suddenly, unexpectedly, become his No. 1 target for criticism lately on trade.




Labour and Employment Data


Find statistics and analysis on the labour force, employment issues (such as hours worked, number of employees and payrolls) and income. Learn more about the various surveys conducted by Statistics Canada and access the data …


B.C. 2025 Labour Market Outlook


Labour market information can help job seekers make comparisons when looking for a job or moving to a new place. It can also help business owners identify new markets for their service or product, or to decide where to expand if theirs is a business that requires a high number of workers or workers with a particular skill set. [Replaces 2022 Outlook.]


B.C.’S Top Health Careers


B.C.’s health sector employed 227,000 workers in 2015, one of the largest sectors in terms of the number of workers. The sector is also one of the fastest-growing industries, with employment growing at an average rate of 3.2% each year in the past decade …


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Job Vacancy and Wage Survey (JVWS)


The purpose of this survey is to collect detailed information about unmet labour demand. The survey collects information from Canadian employers about the number of job vacancies and wage estimates by occupation, for all economic regions and industries. Information is compiled quarterly. The link above is for the most recent quarterly data release.


Nelson, BC – Community Profile Fall 2015


Contains a host of area related data including information on Labour Force Activity 2014, Labour Force by Occupation 2011, Labour Force by Industry 2014, Employment by Industry 2014, Median Hourly Wage by Industry 2014, Median Commute Duration 2011, Place of Work Status 2011.


Castlegar, BC – Community Profile Fall 2015


Contains a host of area related data including information on Labour Force Activity 2014, Labour Force by Occupation 2011, Labour Force by Industry 2014, Employment by Industry 2014, Median Hourly Wage by Industry 2014, Median Commute Duration 2011, Place of Work Status 2011.


Trail, BC – Community Profile Fall 2015


Contains a host of area related data including information on Labour Force Activity 2014, Labour Force by Occupation 2011, Labour Force by Industry 2014, Employment by Industry 2014, Median Hourly Wage by Industry 2014, Median Commute Duration 2011, Place of Work Status 2011.


2016 Best Workplaces in Canada

While there is no single right way to create a great workplace, the very best companies have managed to create a culture where employees TRUST the people they work for, have PRIDE in what they do, and ENJOY the people they work with. And the winners are:

Best Workplaces in Canada – Large and Multinational / Best Workplaces in Canada – Medium / Best Workplaces in Canada – Small

Best Workplaces in Canada for Women & Download our The Globe & Mail report


BC’s Top Occupations

Our top occupations are largely based on the projected job openings to 2024. These openings include new jobs created through economic growth as well as replacement jobs due to retired workers.



Labour Organizations and Unions – contact info and websites

Our alphabetical listings of unions comprise their name and a link to the contact section of their website. This way you are assured that our listings are as up-to-date as the unions themselves keep them. If there is no website, their telephone number is shown.



FACTSHEET: LNG project proposals in British Columbia

These are the export projects in various stages of development as of February 20, 2017



Engineering Labour Market in Canada: Projections to 2025



Companies in British Columbia & Alberta

Need to research specific companies? Manta has 206,218 companies under Companies in British Columbia and 160,819 companies under Companies in Alberta – see the links below for listings by category: basic company profiles are provided

http://www.manta.com/world/North+America/Canada/British+Columbia/ & http://www.manta.com/world/North+America/Canada/Alberta/


BC Jobs Plan



BC Major Projects Inventory


The BC Major Projects Inventory (MPI) contains summary information on major projects in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, that are over $15 million (Cdn) capital cost, or $20 million in the Lower Mainland–Vancouver area.


Major Projects Inventories Across Canada



Community Futures Central Kootenay Workshop Schedule



Top 100 Projects for 2016 – Canada’s Biggest Infrastructure Projects



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