Most hiring processes begin with a review of the required skills, knowledge and experience an individual needs to be successful in the role. Hiring inclusively is no different. People with disabilities (like those without disabilities) have skills, aptitudes and insights that are valuable to businesses. Some may have the qualifications to fill professional roles, while others are suited for entry-level positions, bringing with them both the capacity to carry out the specific tasks and highly valued qualities like reliability and dependability. When employers hire the person with the right skills for the job, a diverse workforce is the logical result.


For employers who are experiencing growth within their organization, re-structuring their current workforce and parsing out responsibilities traditionally associated with existing roles may give higher skilled workers more time to complete complex tasks while creating new roles for individuals with disabilities. 


Thinking about hiring an individual with a disability but concerned about how it will affect your bottom line? The reality is that most businesses already employ people with disabilities (keeping in mind that many disabilities are invisible), and that those who hire people with a disclosed disability find it cost effective and rewarding on many levels. Most employees, regardless of ability, want to work for an inclusive employer, just as most customers, sub-contractors and community stakeholders want to support businesses with diverse hiring In addition to building strong social capital within your organization, you may save on costs associated with hiring as retention rates of individuals with disabilities tend to be higher; for example, the general turnover rate across all industries is 49% compared to individuals with intellectual disabilities who have a turnover rate of just 7%. Carving out employment to suit the needs of individuals positions both employer and employee for success.


Job placements, wage subsidies, on-site job coaching and access to assistive technology, our Customized Employment Counsellors work closely with job seekers and employers to carve out the perfect opportunity. Contact us to find out how inclusive hiring can benefit your place of work.


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